We provide you with the best water solutions

H2O Solutions is an international company based in Ghana, since our incorporation in 2012,

H₂O Solutions has become driving force in Water Sanitation, Hygiene and Technology.

Our headquarters are based in the United Kingdom with satellite offices in Ghana and Nigeria.

Our vision is to stop the use of unhygienic water across the continent, after years of research, we have created affordable & credible formulas which treat & purify water.

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Our Mission

To reduce sickness and fatalities due to poor water supply and hygiene offering Water Solutions that are affordable and sustainable.

Our Vision

To be the leading authority in providing sustainable water projects for remote areas in Africa, and Water Sanitation across the whole continent.

Our Values

Enriching the quality of people’s lives first, integrity, passion and reliability.


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The SNITT Sanitation Project was conducted after several months researching the Water Sanitation issues across Accra, Ghana.
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Water ATM Machines
A Water ATM is an ATM machine that is connected to a Reverse Osmosis Filtering System and adequate water storages which combines the latest technology that automates water supply to customers.
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Governmental Projects
There are over 300+ governmental hospitals in Ghana. H2O Solutions are looking to start an initiative that will see hospital supplied with the necessary water equipment needed and also to ensure that all water storages across the hospital sector are cleaned and purified.

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Now Open For Business
H2O Solutions Nsu Krogyee Promo is here. Jump on the offer today and get your Poly-tank cleaned, filters installed and package of our purification tablets.

We specialize in water treatment & purification.

We are also working with government agencies in looking at ways
we can ensure a higher level of Water Sanitation and Hygiene
within the commercial and private sector.

We are currently looking at rural water development services that
can be done in partnership with local communities as the main


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