H2O Solutions is an international company based in Ghana, since
our incorporation in 2012,

H₂O Solutions has become driving force in Water Sanitation, Hygiene and Technology.

We are also working with government agencies in looking at ways we can ensure a higher level of Water Sanitation and Hygiene within the commercial and private sector.

We are currently looking at rural water development services that can be done in partnership with local communities as the main stakeholders. 


To stop the use of unhygienic water
To save lives and occurring diseases across Africa 
To provide Water Sanitation, production, services and supply 
to Create safe zone societies concerning the Health & General Water Sanitation issues
To provide clean water to poor communities
To create awareness to the public concerning Water Sanitation
To develop natural water purification products for all types of Water Storages

Our team ensures that customers get the best quality services as we
provide strict time schedules, certifications, assurance and credibility to
assure you of our commitment. We work with a number of organizations
as we believe that team ethics is what is needed to resolve the water
sanitation issues the continent faces.

We have two major suppliers that enable us to have access to high level
water technology equipment:

We have local and international suppliers that provides us with domestic
water filtration equipment coming from the Asian market; they are able
to import water treatment materials around the world, providing us with
equipment from Germany, Turkey, China and the USA.

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Our headquarters are based in the United Kingdom with satellite offices in Ghana
and Nigeria. Our vision is to stop the use of unhygienic water across the continent, after years of research, we have created affordable & credible formulas which treat & purify water.