Plumbling Works

H₂O Solutions works with qualified professional plumbers that are more than able to satisfy our clients’ needs.

Plumbing Works. A plumbing system refers to the pipes and fixtures installed in premises/buildings. ... Water service plumbing work refers to the laying, installation, alteration, repair or replacement of water pipes, tanks, taps and fittings in the drinking water supply system, for the conveyance of water supplied.

We understand the plumbing is at high demands across the globe, and that every household, office, hotel, restaurant etc. Should have a personal professional plumber.

We offer a wide range of plumbing works from houses to offices, from hotels to estates etc.

Types Of Plumbing Works

  • Construction & installation of new plumbing systems in buildings works with sump and pump system.
  • Re-plumbing work to the extent that is is in fact re-designed
  • Construction & installation of new plumbing systems in village houses

  • Re-plumbing work without the need of much design effort.

  • Installation of separate water meters.

  • Removal of existing plumbing system.