Research & Consultancy

H2O Solutions offer consultancy services along with maintenance on any water related issues, system etc. We are also equipped for research , we already working with a number or organizations and universities on such projects.

Building to our interest in research and consultancy, the social impacts of water development decisions are of paramount importance. H2O Solutions conducts considerable research into how water can be better managed. One of the things are researches bring to light how changing the quality of water supply and use domestically and comercially.

H2O Solutions provides practical and “to the point” solutions and research, which are fully independent and, to the extent possible, based on a track record of proven quality. Reliability, flexibility and accountability are core values, as is the commitment to transfer knowledge in the process.

H2O Solutions also is focused on water, sanitation and hygiene in low- and middle-income countries across Africa. We are dedicated to providing evidence-based answers to the challenges that face the sector, not only relating to actions that need to be carried out to improve the health and well-being of communities, but also how to implement such actions. We also offer specialist advice through consultancies to underpin our research.