Training Programs

H2O Solutions believes its in a position to exchange and share knowledge within its communities. We are reaching out to Academia, Industry, and Policy/Government sectors to educate in Water, Health and Sanitation to create space for eco-innovation.

A business, institution or organization is only as strong as its people.and we understand that responsive, customized, need-based training makes the difference between a good student and a great one.

Studies prove that ongoing professional development is the single most important factor in creating innovative students.Our packages include a wide range of topics, from helping students and universities to take on greater  responsibilities and to grow there capacity through eco-innovation, creating smart solutions, setting realistic and measurable goals, giving timely and constructive feedback, communicating effectively, developing knowledge and exchanging ideas.

We aim to grow capacity in Africa’s eco-innovation community to develop and promote sustainable initiatives by providing quality training for individuals. We plan to create effective awareness programs to help combat developmental challenges facing Africa involving water. Eco innovation produces innovators and entrepreneurs, who can deliver smart solutions such as products, technologies, services or practices that can be used to develop our communities. Our target is to educate societies, communities and small groups of change makers. In the hope that such smart solutions  can be implemented  in our communities.

We also offer workshops on Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Water for Sanitation and Health, Customer Service and Water Treatment & Purification methods.