Waste Water Management

H2O Solutions is very passionate about the environment and its protection with a strong belief that through cooperation with its clients and various partners, we can all work towards creating a better and greener environment.

We provide a comprehensive range of waste, water and energy management solutions, designed to provide a conducive environment for living while preserving scarce natural resources. We have a solid track record of professionalism in the domestic, industrial, mining, commercial and municipal sectors. Services include waste management, cleaning services, wastewater and sewage treatment, renewable energy solutions (biogas and solar installation), site rehabilitation and consultancy services. We also provide training and education programmes to schools and companies on proper sanitation practices, effective waste management, conservation and other environmental issues.

H2O Solutions Tech Limited with its partners has a track record of experience in the installation of biogas systems, bio-composter systems and wastewater treatment systems. We have installed operational sewage and wastewater treatment systems for various institutions and homes. With these systems we help to protect the environment and provide clients with cost effective solutions. We have an exhaustive list of clientele in that aspect. We have clients of individual homes ,households and organizations etc.