Water Analysis

H₂O Solutions provides water analysis to its customers to ensure client needs are met. It takes up to 24 hours to receive water analysis results.

Many consumers want to test their well or municipal water for contaminants and impurities. Without having your water tested, it can be difficult to determine whether you actually need a water treatment system or what type of system would be best for you. Here are some factors to consider when testing your water and selecting a filtration product.

The residential water testing program includes analysis for common water quality problems, microbiological contamination, and makes recommendations regarding the potential need for water treatment devices, such as: softeners, reverse osmosis units, distillation, neutralizers, chlorination systems, ultraviolet or UV systems.

There are various method of testing water. H₂O Solutions water testing services analyzes the PH level, TDS level, the color level and many more.

This allows us to know what you water needs to be treated, also allowing us to know what your water suffers from whether its iron, salty water, hard water etc.