Recycling Rainwater

Rainwater Harvesting

Rain water harvesting is the process of collecting or storing rain water for non-consumptive or consumptive purposes. Many people don’t know the benefits of harvesting rain water, but for those that are aware it helps save on financial resources and if treated properly can be used for consumption. How much do you know about rainwater harvesting and what’s the best solution to provide your residences or businesses with treated rain water. We have all the answers right here, rain water is a free natural resource and no matter how much you collect, you will never receive that monthly water bill. I know you must be wondering how does it work, well let’s find out. Rainwater harvesting is a simple process to conserve Rainwater by collecting, storing, conveying and purifying of Rainwater that runs off from rooftops, parks, roads, open grounds, etc. for later use.

The Process of harvesting Rain water

• Catchment- Used to collect and store the captured Rainwater.

• Conveyance system – It is used to transport the harvested water from the catchment to the water tanks.

• Flush- It is used to flush out the first spell of rain.

• Filter – Used for filtering the collected Rainwater and remove pollutants.

• Tanks - Used to store the filtered water which is ready to use. The rainwater harvesting system is one of the best methods practiced and followed to support the conservation of water.

Today, scarcity of good quality water has become a significant cause of concern. However, Rainwater, which is pure and of good quality, can be used for washing, cleaning, bathing, cooking and also for other agriculture purposes.

Advantages of Rainwater Harvesting:

• Less cost.

• Helps in reducing the water bill.

• Decreases the demand for water.

• Reduces the need for imported water.

• Promotes both water and energy conservation.

• This technology is relatively simple, easy to install and operate.

Disadvantages Of Rainwater Harvesting:

• Regular Maintenance is required.

• Requires some technical skills for installation.

• Limited and no rainfall can limit the supply of Rainwater.

• If not installed correctly, it may attract mosquitoes and other waterborne diseases.

• One of the significant drawbacks of the rainwater harvesting system is storage limits.

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