H20 Solutions And Our Take On Access To Clean Water In A Coronavirus Era


For anything and everything to survive, water is a must. Without this unperishable and precious resource, life on earth cannot be imagined and that is even truer in our fight against the coronavirus. It is impossible to measure the value of water during this pandemic. For example, how do you wash your hand with no water? Or how do you mop floors or disinfect door handles without water? And of course regular water consumption bears its risks if it isn’t treated, even if the risk isn’t covid-related.

Have you ever thought about the likelihood of catching the virus via water contamination? Well, it will please you to know that at the moment, there have been no identified cases of covid transmission through water, but you did make the right decision to be wary about this possible factor. Reason being that water is rated among the top carriers of bacteria, viruses and other health deficient organisms in the world. Funny how even germs cannot do without water. And although covid cannot be transmitted through water now doesn’t mean that covid variants in the future or other equally harmful bacteria won’t be. So like always, prevention by protection is always the best answer.

The truth is unlike rural or more secluded areas, urban communities in developing economies stand a higher risk from the Covid-19 pandemic. High population density, poor hygiene conditions and weak national health infrastructure mean that outbreaks in communities like those could be really disturbing. Local water treatment facilities have processes to filter and disinfect water before it goes into your home but is that enough? Will water filtered at a facility hundreds of kilometers away be enough to keep all harmful organisms at bay? Well, water supply hasn’t been on the rise and that’s even more true since the coronavirus weakness was discovered – water and disinfectants. As alarming as the pandemic is, we just might be able to speed up the rise of urban water security. How? Why would I think that after mentioning the huge drop in water safety and availability?

Well, thanks to COVID-19’s economic impact on developing countries facing persistent struggles there are now less taxes on water and in some cases, complete exemption from water taxes which gives you the regular user an option to collect, store, treat and reuse water hence giving others in more pressing situations even easier access to such precious amenity. But note, it’s just an option.

What action you take and the results thereafter are yours to decide. Luckily though thanks to the mounting pressure on the use of water, researchers among whom we have personnel have now made the option possible through us and many others. So now, are you willing to entrust your health to a cracked pipe running scheduled water to your house? Are you willing to risk a water shortage when you or your family or friends come back home from a public area? Will that water satisfy all your sanitary needs against the fight of the coronavirus? Contact H2o Solutions for the best professional advice and services on the market for a safer you and a brighter tomorrow even in the face of Covid-19.