the deadly iron

The Treatment Process

Our engineers got an urgent call from a client, with a serious case of iron filled water. They responded immediately and went to the site. They were met with a tank stained with iron, rusted pipes and reddish brown water. They tested the iron water in their lab the following day and it came back with shocking results, the total iron was 6.15 mg/L when WHO (World Health Organization) standards is 0.30 mg/L. They started treatment immediately. After much consideration our expertise decided that red sand treatment was the best antidote to provide the desired outcome, due to our previous experiences.

After two working days the job had been completed and for the first time the client’s residence had pure running water, but unfortunately two weeks later our engineers got another call from the client, the deadly iron was back. The client told us how the water slowly started to become discolored. Our engineers went back into the lab to intensify their research, they worked tirelessly to find a permanent solution to the deadly iron. The next day the engineers had good news, they possibly found a permanent solution. They just had to put it to the test and hopefully it would work out perfectly. After a full working day, the new treatment was installed. The Frp Vessel Katalox was ready to perform.

Our engineers waited another two weeks to see the results. They went back to the site to find that the new filtration treatment was a success and the deadly iron had been cured and this time for good. If you ever find yourself in the same dilemma, we’ve got you covered. Katalox is being used in numerous system for residential, commercial, industrial and municipal applications worldwide, for High level filtration, color and odor removal, iron, Manganese, Hydrogen sulfide removal, efficient reduction of Arsenic, Zinc, Copper, Lead, Radium, Uranium and other radionuclides and heavy metals.